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One building, one installation, a multitude of outlets!

The new LinkLine system from Vivreau is set to change the traditional flow of water in large organisations and multi-storey buildings.  One single, compact unit is now all you require in order to offer staff and customers purified chilled still, sparkling or even boiling water, at numerous locations, on varying floors, across the entire building.
In the same way you would network your power and communication throughout the building, LinkLine will do the same for your filtered water supply with the one unit supplying a range of points from water coolers to table top machines, kitchen areas to specific bottling systems.

Eliminating the need to install separate refrigeration technology and boilers at numerous locations around the building, LinkLine is up to 45% more cost effective than installing multiple individual units and up to 55% more energy efficient.  LinkLine will continuously re-circulate the water around the pipes to ensure that freshness is guaranteed.

LinkLine is not only cost effective, it is environmentally superior as it eliminates the need for regular deliveries of pre-bottled water, thus reducing traffic congestion and transport pollution and when installed with the bottling system also eradicates the disposal of large quantities of glass or plastic waste from pre-bottled water purchase.

Featuring high performance Ice Bank refrigeration technology, which is capable of delivering very high volumes of chilled water, LinkLine offers a range of additional benefits including a power saving option to reduce electricity consumption and anti flood detection system.

Stephen Charles, Managing Director at Vivreau, is thrilled with the LinkLine development:

“Like other networks, LinkLine offers huge advantages.  Its primary benefit is in enabling an entire building to be serviced from a single unit, which eliminates the need to install individual refrigeration technology and boilers in separate areas.  As you would expect, it links with the entire range of Vivreau products including our new Vi Tap and bottling systems.”

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